Single Wall Carbon Nanotube Schematic

Creased Film Exhibiting <5% Resistance Change

  Why choose Invisicon® Transparent Conductive Films for your display system?

The secret to Invisicon® is in the nature of Carbon Nanotubes. These remarkable structures allow us, through our proprietary purification and coating processes, to create unique conductive structures. Our conductive Nanotubes have roughly a 1000:1 aspect ratio, which gives us the ability to apply a very small amount of the material to achieve good conductivity, such a small amount that when applied to transparent films it does not significantly degrade light transmission.

Flexibility/Durability: Thin layers of flexible conductive carbon structures allow for truly flexible transparent conductive films.

Color: Neutral Optical Density (Not Yellow.)

Printing Capability: Our conductive 'inks' can be applied in patterns using modified conventional printing methods.

Cost: Low temperature roll-to-roll coating processes not requiring vacuum processing are inherently low cost.

Availability: The Indium component of ITO is under increased demand with a limited supply, leading to higher prices. Carbon is one of the most abundant elements on Earth.


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