Eikos's Nanoshield™ Material Tested in Space by NASA

Eikos, Inc. took part in the first externally mounted experiment conducted on the International Space Station

In 2001, Eikos sent several carbon nanotube-binder composite coatings into space to learn how LEO affects the critical properties of transparency and conductivity for static dissipative applications.

These coatings were made of nanotubes mixed with a metal oxide-organic oligomer hybrid binder known as a ceramer to protect the preserve the nanotube electronic properties in low earth orbit. These samples were part of the MISSE program through the USAF and NASA and spent four years outside of the International Space Station. Eikos received these samples this year and measured the changes in properties after four years of exposure to atomic oxygen, ionizing radiation, UV, and thermal cycles of a hundred degrees.

We found that Eikos’ samples in low earth orbit for four years retained their conductivity and transparency. We consider the MISSE experiments to be a strong indicator of the suitability of carbon nanotubes with appropriate binders for space applications.

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