FRANKLIN, MA, April 22, 2004 – Eikos, Inc., a developer, manufacturer and licensor of highly transparent carbon nanotube formulations for conductive coatings and of specialty high performance polymers, today announced that its founder and CEO, Joe Piche, will receive the prestigious Richard T. Whitcomb Aerospace Technology Transfer Award. 


Piche has more than 20 years of experience in the materials industry, including participation in carbon nanotube coatings (CNT) development and his work with high performance polymers.  He will proudly accept the Award this summer at the Langley Research Center’s Annual Ceremony.  The Award is directly related to the work done by Eikos and Piche on PETI (phenylethynyl terminated imide oligimer), a very high temperature resin system with a unique combination of properties.


This specific Award honors recipients who have demonstrated combination of significant technical contributions in new technology development as well as participation in technology transfer processes.


 "It will be an honor to receive this accolade," said Joe Piche.  "I’m pleased to be among those talented individuals who have been recognized by means of this award for success in the advancement and commercialization of new technologies.  The work we did with NASA on PETI was a tribute to NASA as well as to Eikos.  Now, our Eikos team is focused on developing exciting new CNT processes and applications for which we are already being recognized as an industry leader.  We will be working with NASA once again to develop CNT applications as well.”


Acknowledging his contributions in CNT arena, Piche was recently named to the Nanobusiness Alliance’s Advisory Board.


About Eikos


Eikos Inc. operates three main business units:  High performance polymer synthesis including PETI and PN (Phthalonitrile), research and development contracts in specialty materials, and the development, manufacturing and licensing of highly transparent carbon nanotube (CNT) inks for conductive coatings and circuits used in flat panel displays, OLED lighting, solar cells, smart windows and other established markets.   Eikos’ patented InvisiconTM   transparent conductors (‘nanowires’) enable high volume, low cost production of a thinner, and more flexible and more durable conductive coating technology that will displace Indium Tin Oxide (ITO) as the industry standard. 


A privately held company headquartered in Franklin Massachusetts, Eikos has a number of licenses and development contracts with major global companies, U.S. military agencies and NASA.  For more information, please visit us at www.eikos.com.